Homeowner’s Association Management

Homeowner’s Association Management is our core business. We utilize our experience in real estate and management to offer our clients the best total solution for HOAs at a reasonable price.  Our approach is consultative and focuses on customizing the three essential responsibilities of HOAs: Business, Governance, and Community. As a result, our methods help Boards to maintain or improve the value of our client’s property and sense of community.



We work with your Board to ensure your HOA operates professionally with predictable fees, well-maintained common areas, and appropriate reserves. Together with the Board of Directors and homeowners, we assist with both short term solutions such as emergency repairs and projects and long-term strategic plans to improve the property and community. This approach enables homeowners’ to share a common vision that results in effective day-to-day operations of the HOA. Business services include:
Strategic Planning
Project Coordination
Billing and Collections
Property Maintenance
Emergency Services


The KPM management team is organized to handle both unscheduled emergency repairs and pre-planned community projects. We use a prompt, yet common sense approach to maintenance requests or emergencies and respond in a timely manner. With owner input, we address deferred maintenance and if necessary contact independent contractors to get bids on behalf of the owner. KPM takes pride in our relationships with great vendors to promptly address any issues arising on a property.
We strive to deliver an exceptional level of reliable customer service to our clients.



We provide the necessary and appropriate support for the successful governance of your HOA. We work with the Board of Directors and homeowners to enable compliance with the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions). Additionally, we actively monitor federal, state and local regulations, to keep our clients informed.



For our clients, the HOA represents more than a business. It is also their neighborhood. We work together with the Board of Directors and homeowners to facilitate the needs of our client’s HOA community. Community services include:
Neighborhood Support